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WG4: Critical Review and Insight into Adoption of Standards and Uptake

To critically examine the role of standards in promoting widespread adoption of the HDR pipeline.

To develop an Uptake Plan to highlight, at all stages of the project, where the partners can make major contributions in support of the widespread adoption of HDR.

WG 4 will investigate the extent to which the necessary conditions for standards adoption apply to HDR. These conditions are whether, within HDR, value in technology use stems from:

The prospect of a very large number of firms and users within a collection of
interconnected, geographically dispersed networks
The benefits early adopters see in HDR
The way in which mutual interest of firms producing complementary products is
The cost of adopting a new HDR standard if firms are required to switch from their
current practice

Benefits originate from the interoperability of components. Firms will adopt a common standard if it is in their commercial interests to do so. WG4 will consider whether market structures and behaviour of firms in the manufacture, sales and distribution of HDR, hardware, software and content are likely to give rise to a proprietary standard used by a dominant firm in support of their market power, or a single uniform open standard that might be widely adopted because of its low costs and significant scope for market expansion and enhanced market opportunity.

WG4 will also examine the costs of integrating proposed open HDR standards at important interfaces within the HDR pipeline, the incentives for industry to adopt these standards rather than make do with current practice, the additional market expansion such adoption will create and the benefit of this market expansions to business in different parts of the pipeline.

Currently the market for HDR is emerging with a number of companies working intensely to gain first mover advantage. Furthermore, computer generated films and games are already being regularly rendered in HDR. This WG will target potential early adopters, for example camera and display manufacturers, broadcasters, advertisers etc, to investigate the market’s possible reaction to HDR. WG4 will allow them to experiment and seek to facilitate diffusion through exploitation of social networks and social learning.

Expected Outcomes
WG4 will develop a systematically collected knowledge pool of existing standards used for HDR content and clearly identify:

The sectors the standards are currently used in and their interdependency
Any sector specific features of the standards
Stakeholders and in particular dominant firms
The likely disruption that would arise if the standard were to be replaced or improved

WG4-D1: Uptake Plan which highlights how to support of the widespread adoption of HDR
WG4-D2: Report into scientific and commercial feasibility of a new set of standards for HDR

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