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Working Groups

The COST Action will last for 4 years. The Work Plan will comprise four Working Groups (WGs). WG1-WG3 will undertake the strategic actions (Critical review and Insight) for each of the three stages of the HDR pipeline: Capture, Manipulate and Deliver, while WG4 will investigate how a set of HDR standards might be widely adopted. Partners for WGs will be chosen to cover a wide range of sectors, and this selection will be modified as the Action progresses and indeed the HDR field grows.

The WGs will meet individually or collectively several times a year as required. A high-quality peer-reviewed Symposium together with an associated industrial exhibition will be organised each year. The Symposium and exhibition will facilitate research and industrial exchange and include major contributions from around the world. The WG’s will have the opportunity during the Symposia to present their latest results and invite more inputs.

In addition, annual interdisciplinary Training Schools will support the training and networking of early stage researchers and provide an opportunity to reduce the gender imbalance through the invitation of interested women. The latest, innovative results arising from the Action’s progress will be a key part of the material presented at the Training Schools. A Workshop for SMEs will be held
at the same time to provide insights into how SMEs might incorporate HDR technology in their products and services to their commercial advantage.

The meetings, Symposia and Training Schools will be the opportunity to define STSMs during the Action’s lifetime, establish longer-term collaborative networks and develop trust and a community spirit amongst HDR researchers and practitioners.

WG1: Critical review and Insight into HDR Capture

WG2: Critical Review and Insight into HDR Manipulation

WG3: Critical Review and Insight into HDR Delivery

WG4: Critical Review and Insight into Adoption of Standards and Uptake


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