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Other Key HDR resources

Other key HDR resources that have been made available by members of IC1005.

 Most of the publications on HDR and publications arising from IC1005 activities can be found accessed from here.

 pfstools, released by R. Mantiuk (UK MC) is a set of command line programs for reading, writing and manipulating HDR images and video frames:


Made available by IC1005’s F. Banterle (IT MC sub):

1) HDR Toolbox is a valuable resource for processing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images into MATLAB and Octave:

 2) PICCANTE, on the other hand, is a C++11 image processing library aimed at providing structures and functionalities for enabling both HDR and standard imaging:

A document which describes the circumstances, and suggests scenarios, that can potentially cause problems when capturing HDR video can be downloaded from here.

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