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HDR Publications

The publications are organized into two Mendeley groups:


1. Compilation of publications related to HDR:


2. The publications resulting from IC1005 activities:

The best way to add new papers is to register with Mendeley and join the groups.  The publications can be very conveniently added and browsed using the Mendeley Desktop [] application or directly on the web pages.

When adding new papers, please add one or more of the tags listed below. Please do not create new tags unless absolutely necessary. Too many tags of duplicated meaning make browsing the papers very difficult.

Recommended tags (please use the exact spelling, including the lower or upper case):

  • tone mapping
  • real-time tone mapping
  • video tone mapping
  • tone mapping evaluation
  • reverse tone mapping
  • image based lighting
  • (the following three tags refer to encoding, such as HDR JPEG/MPEG, and not to contrast compression / tone-mapping)
  • HDR image compression
  • HDR video compression
  • HDR texture compression
  • HDR displays
  • HDR image capture
  • HDR video capture
  • multi-exposure capture
  • multi-exposure deghosting
  • multi-exposure alignment
  • quality metric
  • survey (for survey papers)

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