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WG1-D2/WG2-D2/WG3-D2: Quality metrics

WG1-D2: Quality metric for comparing digital representation of real world lighting with reality.

WG2-D2: A Quality metric for comparing the quality of compressed HDR images and video.

WG3-D2: A Quality metric for comparing the image that is finally displayed to the viewer with the real scene that was captured.

A detailed evaluation of HDR video quality metrics has been undertaken and made available online by M. Cadik (CZ MC sub) here 

Further information on quality metrics by M. Cadik can be found at:


The HDR-VDP-2 image quality metric has been made available by R. Mantiuk (UK MC). This metric is proving to be the one with the highest correlation between the subjective assessment of quality and the objective results.

 A new objective metric HDR-VQM has just been published by STSM recipient Manish Narwaria:

  • M. Narwaria, M. Perreira Da Silva, P. Le Callet "HDR-VQM: An objective quality measure for high dynamic range video," Signal Processing: Image Communication, volume 35, 2015.


A detailed methodology for subjective quality metrics for HDR video as well as an evaluation of objective quality metrics has been submitted by Training School participant Ratnajit Mukherjee: with co-authors T. Bashford Rogers (STSM recipient), R. Mantiuk (UK MC), P. Vangorp (Training School trainer) M. Bessa (PT MC), A. Chalmers (UK Chair)

  • R. Mukherjee, K. Debattista, T. Bashford Rogers, R. Mantiuk, P. Vangorp, M. Bessa, B. Waterfield, A. Chalmers “High Dynamic Range video compression: Objective and Subjective Evaluation”, submitted.

This paper will be made be made available just as soon as it is published.

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