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WG3-D1: Library routines for displaying HDR videos

Encoded HDR video is decompressed in real-time back into HDR content for display on an HDR or LDR device. The HDR content can be displayed directly on an HDR display, but on an LDR device it may either be tone-mapped or the viewer can look at the available exposures.. A HDR video player capable of displaying a sequence of openEXR frames (for Mac and PC) (and a number of other HDR video formats was developed and following figure shows its layout.

On the top left there is a drop-down menu which allows you to change the exposure and gamma of the image or tone map it with a choice of 2 tone mappers (more will be added in the near future).

A window-in-window can be created by clicking and dragging the left mouse button. This window can be then shown at a different exposure, tone mapper etc.

goHDR’s Player is enabled to play directly to a SIM2 HDR display. This is achieved by simply selecting SIM2 from the drop-down menu.

goHDR’s Player can be downloaded:

In order to use this Player in a publication please cite the follow paper: Joshua McNamee, Jonathan Hatchett, Kurt Debattista, and Alan Chalmers. “Live HDR video streaming on commodity hardware.” In SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications, pp. 95990U-95990U. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015.



We have a large range of sample HDR video footage we have captured over the years on a variety of research and consumer HDR video cameras (eg. Canon 5D with magic lantern). These are straight off the cameras without any denoising or grading. Some of these can be downloaded from here:


The Player can also play a sequence of openEXR frames (off an SSD to get real time performance) – so you can try some of your own footage.

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